Andres Gonzalez

I’m a proud health care provider and a Dreamer at heart.

I moved from Palmira Colombia to the USA to look for a brighter future, and follow my dreams. To live my American Dream.

I am passionate about sports and traveling but most importantly about helping others.

I was a victim of abuse as a child and I want to change the story and turn all of that pain into Love.

Our mission in life is to give back to the world. To use the resources and connections Life has blessed us with to open doors for those that were pushed away by society, to give a voice to the people that have no say.

Our mission is to leave a lasting legs y of peace and love to the world! A legacy that our children and the world can be proud of legacy.

We set up events world wide to give back when The planet needs us to step up the most.

During natural disasters, pandemics, any hardship. Spreading love world wide will be there to put a smile on the worlds face.